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It's All About The Aloha Way of Life...

The idea of designing apparel and lifestyle products came to me in a flash of intuition years ago. I was sitting on a beach in Oahu, toes in the sand and a tropical drink in hand... I was feeling super inspired and knew it would be a great addition to Sweet Mana. But back then I lacked clear vision on the direction I wanted my company to go ... "was I a skincare line or a lifestyle brand?"

In the blink of an eye, (which is really 5 years later ;)... I am forging ahead being a botanical skincare company AND a beachy lifestyle brand. Why the hell not?! The vision for my company has always been to lift people up, inspire others with positive vibes and to encourage us all to shine our beauty from the inside out. The way we take care for ourselves and express our personal style go hand in hand... these acts can lift our spirits, increase overall confidence and elevate our well-being. I hope you enjoy the growth and evolution of this company as much as I do!

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