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Customer Love

I am an avid outdoors man & recently got into an intense Ultimate Frisbee league. Hard hits, falls with accompanying bruises, joint and muscle aches & the occasional fractured rib are common. Your 500 mg (CBD) Flower Power Healing Balm is GREAT for mitigating these follow-up aches. Within about 20-30 mins, of massaging this Healing Balm into my shoulders, arms, legs, hands, etc., aches are gone. Just gone, with the welcome supplementary moisturizing effect. Thank you for the recommendation; much appreciated. I definitely recommend testing your Healing Balm to anyone with similar ailments.

Thank you, again!

O’Niell ~  Ely, MN.

I wanted to tell you how much I love the CBD rub I got yesterday!!!! 

That plus the prednisone seems to be relieving the pain I've been experiencing for about 6 weeks!  When I got home from the Musky Jamboree, I cut grass using my electric push mower and cut for 2 1/2 hours = 5 1/2 miles!  By the time I climbed into bed at 11:00, I had 38,200+ steps = 14.7 miles. 

After all those steps, I feel great!! 

Thank you again for the rub!!!!

Sue ~ Wisconsin

I have had acne prone skin all my life…I ordered the Ageless Renewal Serum and the Eye Gel…it is amazing…it has made my skin look great and no breakouts. Skin care is tough…as there are a TON of choices and my new decision was to find a few products that work and stick with them. Keep it simple…and I have found my products…Thank you for creating these products. The smell is incredible!

Vicki ~ Greenville, South Carolina

I wanted to drop a note and tell you how much I am enjoying my xmas wreath body butter candle.
We are snow covered here in Missouri and the gentle scent and yummy moisturizing benefits are just wonderful. I’ve been lighting it

before bed and buttering my tootsies and legs before tucking myself in for the night.  Just a wonderful product!

Jean ~ Missouri

The best smells and experience for bath time I’ve ever had!!

Annie ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota

Your “ Be Well” muscle rub is simply amazing. My husbands arthritic hands are nearly pain free and he has much better range of motion. My arthritic neck is also nearly pain free with greatly improved range of motion.I can finally sleep well at night. Thank you Jaime.

It was wonderful to see you on Musky Day.

Lynn~ Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

My mother who passed away in May 2018 gave be a few bottles of Sweet Mana room spray years ago and I can remember her spraying it when I gave birth to my daughter Violet in 2016. I am preparing for the birth of my second daughter Theo in August and thought it would be perfect to have again. Such wonderful & peaceful memories associated with the smell. Thanks to Sweet Mana I will be able to feel my mother all around me once again during the birth of Theo. Thank you so much!!!

Allyssa~ Denver, Colorado

  I love candles and am really very sensitive to what kind of lotion I use on my body. I found this wonderful candle (Well-Being) that I could also use as a moisturizer. So I started a conversation with Jaime. She is an amazing, strong, independent, humble, beautiful (inside and out),young woman. Her products reflect her philosophy on life. I also highly recommend her unscented products for anyone with sensitive skin or eczema. All her products are amazing. You can even ask for something special and she'll try to accommodate your request.

I'm a fan for life! Keep those candles burning!!!!

         Kathy~ Virgina Beach, Virgina

I’m in LOVE with all of Sweet Mana’s products. I was introduced to Jamie’s products at a nail salon in Omaha, Nebraska. At the time they only carried her candles. Once I found her online I noticed she sells a lot more than just candles. The body butter is amazing. My skin feels wonderful all day long. The bath salts are great too. Jamie is so kind and her customer service goes above and beyond.

Please give this company a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Sarah~ Omaha, Nebraska

I just treated myself to a Himalayan salt and lemon bath bomb. I am blown away by how relaxed I feel,

the ache that I get in my legs post hike is diminished- very very happy! It was a 100mg CBD bath bomb, highly recommended.

Perfect little gift to show gratitude, or treat a friend whom needs a bit of a lift. I’ll be purchasing more for sure!

Amanda~ Vail, Colorado

Jamie- I love love LOVE these candles and body sprays! They burn super clean, smell so nice and feel wonderful when used for massage! I keep the dream candle by my bed and it is so nice to smell it every night, even when I don't burn it. It's a subtle but present scent, not too over powering as some candles can be... and the same with the body sprays. It is clear that the ingredients are pure. I cherish this stuff!

Ahh Sweet Mana, thank you sweet mama!

        Alissa, New York

I bought each of my family members a Sweet Mana candle for us to light in memory of our mother who passed away last year...we all live in different time zones and lit our candle all at the same time a few weeks ago. My father was in Vietnam at the time, my sister on the east coast, my brother on the west, and myself in colorado. We all were able to connect through lighting the candle and truly appreciated the scents of each one. The way in which they were made was pretty cool too and I know my mom would have loved them too since you can use it as a body balm. My dad loved his candle so much he lit it throughout his whole trip to China as well and made his hotel room smell amazing. He had the “Chi” candle along with my sister, and my brother and I had the “Pele" candle from volcanic favorite!

Thank you Jamie for making your candles available to us.

We plan to make our candle lighting a yearly tradition -much love to you xoxo,

        Paige, Colorado

Jamie, thank you so much for creating an amazing product that is not only wonderful for the client, but for the therapist as well.  As a massage therapist, I am constantly in contact with the products that we use to massage with. I am so thrilled to be using your Body Butter Candles. Knowing that these candles are pure soy infused with essential oils is piece of mind for me. I can give my client a unique experience, and take comfort in knowing that I am using something that nourishes both the client and myself. It was such a pleasure to meet with you and feel your passion for the line of products that you have created. It is very important for me to support the growth of a business that sells a product I believe in. I can’t wait to try more of this line. What an amazing and talented woman you are!

        Shannon~ Whistler, BC Canada

Just a note to tell you I received my order and love every piece of it.  I found you originally at the Four Seasons Spa in St Louis.  I keep one of your candles by the bedside and enjoy the wonderful aroma as I fall to sleep.  I often rub some of the candle on my wrists to keep the fragrance even closer.  I had to finally place a refresher order and added the holiday scent which I really love.

Thanks much for all you do and thanks for getting this out so quickly to me!

      Jean~ Missouri

My daughter lives in Vail and she bought me the Well-Being Candle. At first I thought it was just a candle but it is so much more.

After you light it you can use the heated wax on your hands as a moisturizer. Works great!

       Tina~ Michigan.

Jamie, thank you so much! I bought the harmony body butter candle at Country Christmas at the Denver merchandise mart. I am always trying different lotions for my husbands hands, arms & feet, he is a plumber/ remodeler, all around handyman & his poor hands are always dry & sore. I will not go back to lotion for him, your product is awesome! Lotion just keeps soaking & his hands are still dry & rough but your candle has worked wonders on his skin & we both love the scent! My hands benefited too as I applied it on him! I can't thank you enough & look forward

to browsing thru your site for other products & placing an order!

        Leiloni~ Aurora, Colorado

Jamie, these products are truly amazing. As soon as I received my order and opened the box I was hit with these unbelievable smells.

It was such a treat. I have not come across such a fantastic product and smells before, really.

Congratulations on such a wonderful company that you have created :)

       Andrea~ Glenview, Illinois

Sweet Mana goodies are simply the best! Every time I burn my Harmony candle, I truly feel so happy and relaxed. The fact that Jamie poured my candle brings a smile to my face and lights up my heart. The body butter is so soothing on mine and my daughters' skin and

we love all the wonderful scents. Thank you, Jamie, for such an amazing product. XOXO

        Stacy~ Blaine, Minnesota

I love all of the Sweet Mana products that I have used! I have MANY allergies and I usually have trouble with different scents,

whether it is from a candle or body products. I have not had any problems with any of Sweet Mana's scents.

I believe it is because of the organic ingredients Jamie uses. :)

         Jessica~ Eagle, Colorado

Just received my packages. Can I just say WOW! I wanted to dive into the box it smelled so good. You are one talented lady and more people need to know about this amazing product of yours. I also love the packaging with the little spoon inside. Such a clever idea. Your product made me so happy.

Love love love it!


I'm in love with the Lip Love Balms!! I'm obsessed with lip products and your Kona Mint & Vanilla is my new favorite! It feels amazing and smells great too. I'm also intoxicated with the smell of your Aloha Mana Mist. What a heavenly scent to spritz! Thank you for introducing me to some new and unique products. I look forward to trying even more of your products in the future.

Kelly ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota

I purchased your Joy candle and lip balm from Vicki at Arrive'e today. Love the fragrance and the lip balm. Love your website!

So excited to find such wonderful candles. Greenville is a delightful city. Come visit sometime!

        Glyn Hamilton~ South Carolina

I received the Good Vibes body butter candle for Christmas and love love love it! The smell is incredible and have enjoyed using it as massage oil with my hubby and great on my dry hands ! Thank you for such an awesome product with a cool philosophy behind it!

I'm buying more products for myself and friends.

Happy Customer

Jamie, WOW I love all the stuff I bought… it brought me much joy and passion! Best stuff around!

      Thanks so much! You work too hard!

       Love Reyna D.~ Louisville, Kentucky

Hi Jamie!! I love all your Sweet Mana products!! Especially the Acai and Cacao body butter!!

Also my favorite soy candle is Sacred Truth with all the rich emollients for the skin! Awesome Sweet Mana website!

        Sally~ Avon, Colorado

I highly recommend Sweet Mana. I've used several products and keep going back for more. I'm proud to support

a company that prides themselves on trustworthy ingredients and customer service.

Mary~ Stillwater, Minnesota

I love all her products! From the CBD rubs and CBD bath salts to the candles that double as body butter?!? How cool is that!?! The roll ons and the body/room sprays give you and your home a wonderful smell! These are all natural and eco-friendly products!

Plus, she's a pretty cool lady.

Rachael~ St. Paul, Minnesota

Hi Jamie, shopping was fun! Lovely website that took me to sweet memories of MAUI.

Looking forward to sharing your products with the girls.


Kathy ~ California

 Jamie is amazing! Her quality of product is unsurpassed!

Her conscious ingredients are inspiring & we applaud and support her one hundred percent!

Happy Customer

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