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Virtual Feng Shui Consultations

     Virtual feng shui consultations are now possible using all the advancements in recent technology. I'm excited to have the opportunity to reach clients worldwide and give them the same level of personalized experience, skill and professional analysis for home or business. Virtual consultations are just as powerful as having me standing in your home and it saves you money too.

How Does It Work?

     Before the appointment,  I will need you to send me a rough sketch of your home or space, from a bird's eye view. If you have an Actual blue print of the property floor plan, that's wonderful. I will also need you to send me good quality pictures or a slow walk through video of the home or business. (your personal cell phone will do.) It's helpful to have 2-3 pictures per room, taken from different angles.

What does a virtual consultation consist of?

  •      30 minute consult to determine your intentions and priorities for the appointment.

  •      Discuss property History details (if known)

  •      Room by room analysis

  •      Personalized suggestions for color schemes, furniture placement, clutter cleaning, lighting and preferred decor  to maximize chi flow

  •     The next day, you will receive a customized written home or business report that includes a floor plan and Bagua layout showing areas of importance, so you can refer back to it.

  • personalized recommendations will be listed and prioritized for immediate action.

  • additional cures and suggestions to enhance transformation over the next 3-6 months.

  • Follow up (call, text or email) to gather feedback and document changes you have experienced.


How can Virtual Feng Shui benefit you and your family?

  • increase prosperity / abundance / wealth

  • attract love relationships

  • improve love relationships / marriage / intimacy levels

  • improve Physical, mental, Emotional health & overall well-being

  • clear negative, stagnant and draining energy

  • increase productivity / creativity

  • invite helpful insight & people into your lives

  • empowerment in career and knowledge

  • improve clarity / focus / vision

  • uplift the psyche

  • increase positive energy flow

  • Increase happiness, joy & sense of freedom

  • improve the palpable vibe of a home or business

Services & Pricing:

  • 1500 sq. feet or less / or three large rooms (Approx 2 hour assessment): $200 US

  • 1500-3000 sq. Feet (approx. 3.5-4 Hour assessment) : $400 US

  • Virtually assisted Space clearing Ceremony: $150 US

Wooden Bed
Wooden Furnitures
Refurbished Kitchen
Cozy Apartment
Cozy Living Room
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