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Founded in 2011, Sweet Mana celebrates the island way of life with its timeless allure, embodiment of well-being and testament to the transformative power of nature-inspired beauty. We believe that skincare is more than a routine—it's a ritual, a moment of self-care that reconnects you with the serenity of nature. Our island-inspired, botanical skincare formulations harness the power of exotic botanicals, nutrient-rich plant extracts and the essence of aloha for healthy, glowing skin. We pride ourselves in mindfully crafting products that radiate our love for nature and our respect for all living things, including the planet. This is our way of living in the spirit of aloha and sharing it with you, no matter where you are.

Hibiscus Flower

Our Mission

To create clean and luxurious botanical skincare, filled with the vitality of the tropics for glowing skin

and elevated well-being.

Our Vision

To transform daily skincare rituals into blissful island escapes, promoting natural beauty and confidence

for a happier world.

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The Founder

Jamie Tatreau is the founder and creative force behind Sweet Mana, a Hawaiian-inspired skincare brand that brings the essence of the islands to you. Jamie obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education, which laid the foundation for her love of holistic wellness. From there, she went on to study and practice massage therapy, aesthetics and herbalism. She is driven by a deep commitment to sustainable living, infusing eco-friendly and cruelty free practices in both her personal life and business. She hopes to inspire other’s to live a lifestyle rooted in nature and well-being, while bringing the essence of the islands into

daily skincare and self-care rituals.

In her free time, Jamie enjoys traveling the world, foraging, stand-up paddle boarding, painting, hiking, snowboarding, yoga, gardening, cooking, drinking wine &

hanging with her tribe.

Sweet Mana Founder Jamie Tatreau
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