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Sweet Mana is an artisan-crafted botanical skincare line offering antioxidant rich, plant powered ingredients for glowing skin & elevated well-being. We use the utmost level of mindfulness & integrity in our crafting process using clean, sustainable ingredients, that are always cruelty free. We offer skincare, self care and wellness products that radiant our love for nature and our respect for all living things.

This is our way of living in the spirit of aloha and sharing it

with you, no matter where you live.

Hibiscus Flower

Our Mission

To offer superior botanical skincare and wellness products that are not only effective, safe and affordable but

that elevate mood, skin health & quality of life.

Our Vision

To inspire and empower others to shine beauty and

well-being for a happier world.

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The Founder

Jamie Tatreau pours a wealth of knowledge into her botanical skincare line with over 24 years of experience in the evolving spa industry. As a massage therapist, aesthetician, skincare manufacturer, retail vendor & feng shui business consultant, she has experienced the industry from many perspectives. With a Bachelor's degree in Community Health Education, her foundation has always been promoting a holistic lifestyle, exploring alternative therapies and practicing self-care rituals.

In 2023, she completed a Western Herbalism Certificate Program to help further infuse plant healing magic into her recipes.

Jamie loves anything Hawaiian, traveling the world and big adventures. She finds balance while living in tune with nature’s healing ways.

In her free time, she enjoys stand up paddle boarding, painting, hiking,  snowboarding, yoga, gardening, cooking, drinking wine

& hanging with her tribe.

Sweet Mana Founder Jamie Tatreau
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