Vintage Trailer Restoration


Meet "Sapphire"

This little camper is a 68' Woodsman and she is pretty rare. As far as I know, this company only made them for a few years and there wasn't a lot of information on it. She looked neglected and and a little sad when I got her. But after nearly 160 hours of blood, sweat and tears, she is now a natural beauty. Sapphire has been given a lot of love with new interior & exterior paint, brand new tires, new flooring, new upper bunk bed, new ceiling, water sealed roofing protection, new rear window, new gas tanks & expanded closet / storage space. Some of the original vintage flare was preserved with its gold light fixtures, decorative cabinet hardware, original water tank, attached leveling jacks on the frame (so convenient), exterior storage cabinet access and the incredibly rare colored appliances that fade from teal to dark blue.

She found a wonderful home deep in the Northwoods... and with her lake house theme and decor, it seems like a match made in heaven.


Meet "Lil' Nellie"

  Look at this adorable little nugget! Lil Nellie is a 1949 Crown Travel Trailer and the oldest camper I have ever owned! Her insides were rotten, so thankfully the previous owner had taken the skin off and completely rebuilt her from the studs out. But esthetically she was a hot mess on the inside. She was rebuilt with scrap pieces of wood that the owner had laying around his yard. All her cabinet doors and drawers were mix matched with different color wood and textures. Her floor was pieced together and peeling up. She was literally filled with junk. I knew she had so much potential so I  took her back down to the bones and rebuilt her with a more esthetic eye. I made her inner & outer beauty shine once again just like she did in her glory days! She found her happy home!


Meet "Roxy"

  On a summer's afternoon drive in Eagle, Colorado I spotted this little gem way back in a field. I wanted to learn more about her & see if I could talk the owner into selling her. I left a note at the front door... and a month later I got the call that he would be willing to let her go. That day Roxy was all mine. She is a 1969 Terry Camper Trailer. I gave her lots of love with a cool retro vibe to accent those priceless turquoise appliances, groovy wheel wells & funky moon hubcaps. Roxy was my first trailer renovation & during her transformation I became obsessed with these vintage campers! At that time, I didn't have a place to store her long term so I wanted to find her a loving home. Roxy was highly sought after & within 3 days the new owners purchased her sight unseen! They were so happy to take her home... it was bittersweet to see here head down the open road.


Meet "Equity"

1969 Yellowstone Vintage Camper Trailer. "Equity" is a true time capsule. She had been parked indoors all her life, so she was in excellent condition for her age. I didn't have the heart to mess with her too much & decided to let her original vintage flair shine. From the orange and red retro fabric cushions, funky laminate flooring, vintage backsplash and gold hardware... she takes you back to an era when life was simple. I treated and conditioned all the wood elements, got all the appliances and toilet in working order, gave her a deep clean and spruced her up with those special finishing touches. She found a happy home!

My Baby #1

Meet "Shaka Girl"

My very own, 1969 Shasta Airflyte! I originally tried buying this camper knowing it would be the perfect size and layout as my mobile boutique! Then the owner pulled it off the market and decided not to sell her. I was crushed. But low and behold, a few months later I saw it for sale again & I rushed at the chance to buy her. Out of all the trailers I have purchased, she was the roughest both esthetically and structurally. It took nearly 6 weeks of full-time renovation to get her to the state she is in now. Over the years, she has made quite the impression on my customers & she is always a great conversation piece for all the vintage camper lovers. I have had multiple offers from those that have wanted to buy her. She was a real labor of love & many tears... I don't know if I will ever give her up.

My Baby #2

Meet "Lucy Lou"

This little gem is a '67 Shasta and I found her through a family friend. I knew instantly that I had to have her, as Shastas are my favorite vintage trailer brand! I just can't get enough of the eye catching details of the back wings, moon caps and Shasta emblems. I envisioned her in a twilight color scheme and love this midnight blue with the classic vintage mint green combo. Did I mention she has pale pink appliances?! I had all intentions of selling her once I towed her back to Colorado but I just haven't been able to part with her yet. For now she remains in my fleet of restored Shastas.