Vintage Trailer Restoration

   When I rescued this '67 Shasta Vintage  Trailer, She was structurally sound with A solid framework and  little rust Underneath... but on the inside and outside she looked lifeless and sad.  I knew that with a little TLC, she could become a dreamy lil' beach haven sanctuary. so I bought her on the spot and towed her 1200 miles to work on her. She went from dismal to bright, cheerful and fun! "Leilani" is a True island beauty and her name means "heavenly Flowers" in Hawaiian culture.

Meet "Leilani"


Meet "Roxy"

On a summer afternoon drive, I spotted this little gem in a farm field and wanted to learn more. I left a note for the owner and a month later she was mine... a 1969 terry Trailer. I gave her lots of love with a cool retro vibe to accent those priceless turquoise appliances and groovy wheel wells and Moon Hubcaps. She was highly sought after and the new owners purchased her sight unseen!

Meet "Lucy Lou"

This little gem is a '67 Shasta and I found her through a family friend. I knew instantly that I had to have her, as Shastas are my favorite vintage trailer brand... I just can't get enough of the eye catching details of the back wings, moon caps and Shasta emblems. I envisioned her in a twilight color scheme, so I love this midnight blue with the classic vintage mint green combo. I thought I was going to eventually sell her but I just haven't been able to part with her yet.



Meet "Lil' Nelly"

Look at this adorable little nugget! Lil Nelly is a 1949 Crown Travel Trailer and the oldest camper I have ever owned! She was completely rebuilt from the studs out.  she was super rotten but i new she had so much potential and that she was looking great for her age. She just needed some love and color to make her shine once again!

Trailer For Sale!

Meet Blu' Sapphire

Coming Soon!

She is almost ready to hit the road.

For Sale $9500