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Sweet Mana's Spring Candle Collection Just Dropped!

Sweet Mana's limited edition spring lotion candles

The wait is over... Sweet Mana spring-inspired lotion candle collecti finally here! Are you ready to transform your living spaces into fragrant sanctuaries of renewal and rejuvenation. Our exclusive lineup of limited edition blends capture the essence of spring and early summer.

Picture yourself surrounded by the delicate aroma of fresh florals, the crispness of dew-kissed mornings, and the subtle sweetness of budding blossoms. With scents ranging from the invigorating zest of citrus orchards to the soothing tranquility of blooming gardenia trees, these bright and uplifting aromas will be a great mood boost for body, mind and home,


ABUNDANCE - Pomegranate + Strawberry... the sweet essence of ripe superfruits for the ultimate summer indulgence.


HOPE - Grapefruit + Mint... a crisp and energizing blend with a cooling, yet zesty brightness.


PASSION - Mango + Gardenia... a delightful fusion of tropical sweetness and flower petals, transporting you to a serene island oasis.


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