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Changes Are Coming!

Over the last few months, the creative juices have been flowing & we have some very exciting things headed your way in the next few weeks! ;) But in order to make room for the new, we have to release some of the tried and true. Our candle & mana spray menu will decrease overall, but we will be rotating in more seasonal / limited edition blends throughout the year!

The following blends are being *tweaked or phased out of inventory... so if any of these are on the top of your list, stock up now! They will be available online until November 22nd or while supplies last.

Candles & Sprays

Abundance: Pomegranate Persimmon

*Aloha: Hawaiian Hibiscus & Coconut

Awaken: Citrus Cilantro

Bliss: Yuzu, Sandalwood & Clove

*Compassion: Hawaiian Jasmine & Melon

Empower: Lavender Spearmint

Happiness: Lemon Verbana & Peach

Karma: Blood Orange, Anise, Cinnamon & Ginger

*Liven Up: Rosemary, Mint & Lemon

Passion: Plumeria & Coconut Milk

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