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Aromas That Tantalize The Senses

OUR NEW AROMA BLENDS ARE HERE! It's time to officially debut our new offerings for candles and body / room sprays. These are so good, it's hard to pick a favorite! If you find yourself missing your favorite tropical beach getaway, then check these out! 1) ALOHA = Watermelon + Banana + Tonka Bean

If embracing the aloha spirit is what you're after, be transported to that white sand tropical oasis, with sandy toes and a sun-kissed glow.

2) HAPPINESS = Gardenia + Pineapple + Coco Water

Reminiscent of that perfect island breeze wafting through the gardenia bushes, with hints of roadside pineapple and fresh coconut juice stands. It's an island escape in a jar.

3) INNER BEAUTY = Plumeria + Tuberose + Ylang-Ylang

Imagine stepping off the plane and being welcomed to the islands with a fragrant tropical lei. As the handcrafted beauty is gently placed around your neck, all worries seem to fade away.

4) WELL-BEING = Eucalyptus + Mint + Lemon

If mental focus & clarity is something you need to harness, this clean, crisp and bright aroma will help to clear the mind and the environment. Truly a breathe of fresh air, helping to neutralize lingering odors from pets, cooking and more.

Enjoy! ;)

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