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Sun Lovers Need Shade Too

As a former sun worshipper, I would spend hours outdoors in the sunshine... and often unprotected. I felt healthier with a good tan and it alway seemed to lift my spirits. But the unfortunate mistake I made, like a lot of people still today, is not grasping how that damage from childhood into the teenage years will permanently damage the skin decades to come.

In the last 8 years, I have had four Mohs surgeries on my forehead to remove skin cancer. I still love the sunshine and beach weather, but it is rare that you will see me in the sun without a hat on. Physical sunblocks are just part of my daily ritual now. I feel like it's part of my mission now to remind people (especially in the peak of summer) to take precautions and protect yourself. Even if you tan easily (so did I), you are not free and clear from damage and future issues. My new motto goes something like this... "love the sun... just appreciate it from the shade." ;)

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