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Slow & Steady Into 2022

With the turning of a new year, most people feel a sense of excitement, a fresh start and clear vision for the year ahead. I too was feeling focused and determined to hit the ground running. I wanted (and still want) to do BIG things in 2022, both professionally and personally. So you can imagine my disappointment waking up on January 1st with that knowing that I was getting sick. Yep, you guessed it... Covid had finally caught up to me.

For 10 straight days, I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was binge watch Netflix and sleep. So that is what I did. In a way it felt really good to be forced to rest and fully embrace not being able to go anywhere or do much. But my subconscious mind was saying, you should be working, striving and gaining momentum for accomplishing all the things that will get you closer to your goals.

I could have been super frustrated with the whole scenario, but instead I choose to be grateful. Grateful, that I was at home rather than in a hospital bed, grateful that I could still taste, grateful that I didn't miss out on the busy market season and holiday festivities, grateful that I had a warm and cozy bed to recover in. In hindsight, this was the prefect timing and scenario for me to get laid out with Covid (if there is ever a good time) because I had nowhere to be, I wasn't missing out on anything important, and it was subzero cold outside. Yeah, my yearly rituals and goal setting were delayed for over 2 weeks but hey... it always helps to see the silver lining. So if you are feeling like your year is off to a slow start, just remember that slow and steady is still action in motion. ;)

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