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Pink Super Moon Magic Tonight

As our journey moves us into the peak of the pink super moon tonight, it is a time to harness your energy and focus on new beginnings. This moon signifies a time of renewal, rebirth, discovery, femininity, and charging ahead with new endeavors. Rituals associated with this full moon include connecting with mother nature, planting seeds, and focusing on new growth and new adventures. It's time to reap the awakening and energetic stirring after a long winter. So take some time to draw an intentional bath, write down your deepest desires, give thanks for how far you have come, pamper yourself, empower your feminine side and shine your beauty from the inside out! Treat yourself right and stand certain in your worth. Make it a night you will never forget and harness the MANA of moon magic.

P.S. Don't forget to look up and bask in her healing light. ;)

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