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New Loyalty Program = Time to Get Your Hula On

We are excited to launch a new version of our customer loyalty program, called "Aloha Club". The Aloha Club has a new look, new customer badges and more reward offerings than before! If you are a current member, there is nothing that you need to do at this time. ;)

For those that have been customers for years, but have never signed up for the loyalty membership, now is your time to claim the points you currently have stored in your account from previous purchases. (*Please note that subscribing to the email list doesn't auto-enroll you into the loyalty program.)

For those that want to join, here's how it works:

1 ) Join the Aloha Club & earn 100 points for signing up. (We manually approve members per request, to eliminate bots creating fake accounts.)

2 ) Once approved, be sure to log into your membership account when making purchases so that your rewards points are added.

3 ) Earn 2 points for every dollar spent & redeem them for cash discounts, free shipping or a % off your total purchase. You can redeem them once you have enough for a reward or stock pile them for larger discounts later.

4 ) When logged in, you will have access to your dashboard, orders, activities and rewards.

5 ) To redeem points, go to "My Rewards" on the dashboard & select the discount option you want. A coupon code will be generated. Copy and paste this generated code into the "add promo code" area in your shopping cart at check out.

6) Do the hula dance & enjoy!

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