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Introducing Sweet Mana's Minimalist & Luxe Lotion Candle Collections

Sweet Mana's new lotion candle packaging

We are super excited to share our new Sweet Mana candle packaging with you! The candle canisters (we used for many years) are no longer available and our bulk inventory levels have finally run out. This simple product detail ended up being a time consuming & stressful little endeavor for us. There were many factors to consider and so many options to sift through. We needed to find a solution that was earth friendly, fit the look of our brand, while being conscientious of inflated costs. (Supply costs are still about 30% higher than they were 3 years ago.)


All in all, we feel like this challenge was a little blessing in disguise. A win, win for us and for you. Introducing the "Minimalist" and "Luxe" Sweet Mana Candle Collections, giving you more flexibility to choose what works best for you. And giving us the opportunity to be mindful of our impact on the planet, while offering a sense of luxury at the same time. We hope you love our new look as much as we do!

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