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Gardening Is Good For The Soul

Did you know that we absolutely love getting our hands in the dirt? There is something very therapeutic about nurturing plants and watching your garden grow... it simply feeds the soul. That's why Sweet Mana grows some of the herbs and ingredients used in our botanical skincare line, including spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, lavender, yarrow, sage and peppers. If we can't grow it, we sustainably forage it whenever possible either in our local area or while on the road. We gather rosehips & juniper berries in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, hunt chaga mushrooms deep in the Northwood's of Wisconsin, dry lemongrass stalks from our friends garden in Florida, and collect rose petals straight from my Dad's bushes. (These rose bushes are incredibly fragrant and they have been abundant for years! They originally came from my Great Grandmother's farm... so the love of gardening has been passed on too!)

There is something very satisfying about harvesting plants you have personally cared for... and they always smell and taste much better too! Plants give off good energy and help filter the air too, so go get your gardening gloves on... even if it is in small pots indoors. Your heart and soul won't know the difference.

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