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Epic Deals On Last Day Of Amazon's October Prime Day!

LAST DAY TO SAVE! For those of you that missed our Amazon launch, now is the time to take advantage of exclusive prime deals and free shipping on our best selling candles in our Amazon storefront!

DREAM - Lavender + Frankincense + Myrrh : Sophisticated, calming yet powerful, this fragrance embodies opulence and riches.

HAPPINESS - Gardenia + Pineapple + Coconut Water : Captivating island floral with hints of Maui roadside pineapple and fresh coconut juice stands.

INSPIRE - Sea Salt + Orchid : A delicate, uplifting and beautiful aroma reminiscent of an rejuvenating spa experience.

SACRED TRUTH - Palo Santo + Oakmoss + Amber : Warm, earthy notes compliment the hints of musk, adding richness, depth and complexity.

HELP US GAIN MOMENTUM FOR THE HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON! With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, we need your help in order for our brand to get discovered on this giant platform.


  • Search for Sweet Mana on Amazon!

  • Visit our store front - storefront link & product links to specific blends are above!

  • Make a purchase!

  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

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  • Gift a candle to introduce someone new to our brand!

THANK YOU We would like to extend our gratitude to all of you who have bought a candle, submitted an Amazon review and helped to bring new customers and credibility to our brand.

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