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Easing Winter Blues

Anyone else starting to feel the winter blues? For several years, I have actively practiced the art of hygge and find it extremely helpful

in making the winter months more enjoyable. Hygge is the Danish & Norwegian word that is all about creating a cozy environment that fuels a sense of well-being. Since I work from home during the winter months, I make sure to drink lots of warm tea and enjoy curling up by the fire. I also love wrapping myself in fuzzy textured blankets, socks and lounge wear. I light lots of candles to combat winter darkness. I notice that I do things slower. I like to read more, do puzzles, bake, drink red wine and prepare more hearty meals. I also love to use aromatherapy to uplift my mood and spirit. Citrus essential oils are the best to help ease seasonal depression, low energy levels and moodiness.

If you feel like you need a mental, emotional and/or spiritual pick me up, I recommend the following products and aromatherapy blends:

Facial Products:

- Pineapple Glow Facial Mist

- Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum

-Tropical Facial Polish

Candles Blends & Body/Room Sprays:

* Awaken~ Citrus & Cilantro

* Compassion~ Jasmine & Melon

* Happiness~ Lemon Verbena & Peach

* Joy~ Sweet Orange, Lime & Coconut

* Liven Up~ Rosemary, Mint & Lemon

Aromatherapy Roll-On Oils:

* Compassion ~ Grapefruit, Jasmine & Bergamot

* Clarity~ Lime, Peppermint, Cypress, Tangerine

Bath Tea:

* Be Well~ Rosemary, Orange & Ginger

* Island time~ Passionflower, Guava & Vanilla Bean

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