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Bare It All

Today I found myself sitting at one of my favorite little places in Northern Wisconsin with a picnic lunch & my loving dog. Even though this gem of a spot is a public state park, I found myself stripping down not really caring if anyone showed up... I was going skinny dipping damn it! I remember as a kid how fun it was to get naked. No one shamed you, you didn't feel self conscious about your body image, you were free. This is a reminder for you spirited women to strip down every once in a while and experience that rush, liberation & freedom of getting back to nature & the beautiful way we came into this world. My dog sensed something different started freaking out, running super fast and doing circle eights around the picnic table & into the water. It was if he sensed that this was "risque behavior" but exciting too. Be brave and bare it all from time to time! ~ Aloha, Jamie

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