Ripe & juicy, a summer time favorite... find your bliss.


Our hydrating body butter candles are made with plant powered ingredients to double as an effective moisturizer & a clean burning candle in one. Intentionally formulated to hydrate thirsty skin, transform your mood & alter your surroundings with the powerful benefits of aromatherapy.

*Approximately 50-55 hours or burn time.


Handcrafted in small batches with lots of love & aloha vibes.

9 oz.

Happiness~ Lemon Verbena & Peach Nectar

  • 100% Pure Natural Soy Wax, High Quality Essential & Botanical Oils & Pure Eco-Cotton Wicks.

  • Take the tiny spoon provided to scoop up the buttery soy around the edge of the glass, once an ample melt pool is established. Apply the warm butter directly to desired skin.  Use for massage, as a winter skin ritual, following a bath or treat tired & dehydrated hands and feet.


    *Soy has a melting temperature of only 101 degrees, so even when lit it will never be hot...just pleasantly warm.