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Our curated "Good Juju" Ritual Kit is all about cleansing and purifying the environment for that fresh start feel, in order to welcome a renewed level of positive energy throughout the space.


Frankincense tears are commonly used for cleansing, purification, protection and during meditation. Frankincense tears are highly aromatic & can be added to smudge sticks or used alone as incense. (Best practice is to lay a piece of resin on a small piece of smoldering charcoal.)


The sage bundle is used to cleanse a space and raise the energetics of a space.


Included: Frankincense resin tears (.5 oz. bag), 4" white sage smudge stick, eco-canvas washable storing pouch & magical feather.

Good Juju Ritual Kit

  • Smudging and energy clearing practices have been used in many traditions throughout the world and throughout time. These practices have been used to create a sacred space for prayer, intention setting, celebrating lunar cycles, embracing the change in seasons, infusing good juju in a new living space, purification of negative energies & offering that "fresh start" feeling. No matter your background, everyone can benefit from a good energy cleansing from time to time.

    Important tips:

    1) Clear your mind & get centered.

    2) Be mindful of what you want to rid & what you want to invite in.

    3) Create a small alter or gather relics, crystals, stones, jewelry or any other objects that are symbols of good luck, health & abundance.

    4) If you have a mantra or affirmation that resonates for this particular cleansing, use it. If not, you can always create one centered around the intentions of the practice.

    5) Ask for guidance from ancestors if that feels right.



    1) Have a small plate on hand to catch any ash during the smudging. (Many people like to use abalone or a large seashell.)

    2) Crack a window or door for better ventilation. Or leave them closed until you are finished with the ritual, but make sure to open several windows immediately afterward to release the negative energy and welcome the fresh new energy in.

    3) Light the end of your sage bundle for 15-20 seconds, rotating it to allow for a nice ember to take hold. You may need to gently blow of the ember from time to time to keep lit.

    4) Start in the most important room or high traffic area. Walk the parameter of the room, gently wafting the sacred smoke into the corners or the room. Mantras, blessings, prayers or intentions are welcome at this time. Have the plate handy, to catch embers if needed.

    5) You may have to re-light the sage from time to time, this is normal.

    * 6) For ritual kits that include resin tears (frankinscense or mayan copal) burn these as an incense after the smudging or whenever desired. Place the tears in an incense bowl and light. Let them smolder and release their fragrant smoke into the air and enjoy. These resins also have a purifying energy.

    7) Move on to the next room or area & repeat steps 1-5.

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