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Introducing our new collection of crystal rings, where finger bling meets good vibes and crystal healing too. Each ring in this assortment is wrapped to perfection in gold wire, showcasing the timeless beauty of natural crystal gem stones. These adjustable rings are versatile accessories that effortlessly elevate and compliment your everyday style. Enjoy the flexibility of customizing the fit, for a comfortable and personalized wearing experience, no matter what finger your choose.



Healing Crystal Properties:


  • Apatite - enhance creativity and self-expression, clear confusion & eliminate energetic blockages.


  • Clear Quartz - holds intentions, manifesting  & aligns the chakras.


  • Green Fluorite - neutralize negativity, encourage positivity & improve balance, both physically and mentally.


  • Obsidian - grounding, offers protection and a feeling of safety, truth seeking.


  • Rose Quartz - energy of self love, increase gratitude and compassion, heals heartbreak.

Crystal Rings

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