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Therapeutic Massage

Sweet Mana® Massage:

Try our signature "Sweet Mana Massage" & let your soul be transcended into a blissful state of aloha! this treatment is a fusion of Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi & traditional healing techniques designed to address your specific problem areas, while combining a luxurious hand & foot treatment for ultimate relaxation. choose your favorite Sweet Mana body butter candle & let your chosen aroma provide a comforting & relaxed ambiance, while uplifting your mood & calming your spirit.  Your dehydrated skin will appreciate the nourishment of Soothing antioxidants, vitamin E & protein rich properties of so. the application of warm soy is divine after a long day on the slopes. After your massage, the candle stays with you so you can continue to reap the benefits of hydrated skin, aromatherapy & an increased level of relaxation in your home, condo or hotel room.

(*Please note that the rates for this treatment are more than the others because it includes the price of an 9 oz. body butter candle.)


Swedish Massage:

Relax & unwind with this light to moderate pressure massage that utilizes kneading techniques & long gliding strokes to increase overall circulation, increase fresh blood & oxygen levels to tissue, decrease blood pressure, encourage detoxification of waste products stored in muscle tissue, increases mobility & decreases stress levels.


Sports Massage:

This invigorating & energizing massage is characteristic for its jossling, vibration & friction techniques paired with passive stretching. Increase flexibility, relieve muscle & tendon tension from intense activity or prolonged repetitive motions, flush muscles of toxins post workout, decrease fatigue & overall soreness, & address specific sports related injuries.


Deep Tissue Massage:

Target chronic muscle tension, postural abnormalities, scar tissue & deep trauma with slow, specific & therapeutic massage techniques like trigger point therapy, myofascial work & deep compression techniques. Warming up fascial tissue & sinking in through the superficial layers to work the deeper muscle groups, tendons & ligaments can really heal old injuries & compensation patterns, release chronic pain & discomfort & improve range of motion.


Prenatal Massage:

Let you & your baby benefit from this nurturing touch relieving all your aching areas... relax muscle tension & discomfort associated with pelvis expansion, lower back pressure, tight shoulders & overall swelling. Abdominal massage is encouraged & can offer relief to the expanding round ligaments... but also the baby can feel touch after 7 weeks & normally responds by getting very active during this time.


Lomi Lomi:

Find your bliss with this ancient Hawaiian style of massage which utilizes the use of palms & forearms to offer a very relaxing, flowing & rhythmic massage that focuses on deep breathing & an opening on a physical & spiritual level.



Specific pressure point therapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that focuses mainly on feet but can include the hands & ears. Used to induce healthy changes within the body & mind by affecting internal organs, increasing relaxation levels & promoting a sense of being grounded while resetting the body's equilibrium.



Acupressure applied to meridians or energy pathways throughout the body to improve overall balance, function & flow of your "chi" or vital life force energy. Shiatsu focuses on physical, mental & emotional health & well-being. Stretching is incorporated to open the joints & release stagnant energy & restore harmony in order to prevent disease & dysfunction. Please wear light, loose fit clothing.


Thai Massage:

Get stretched, manipulated & rejuvenated with this compression technique addressing the "Sen" lines in the body. Stretching all areas of the body is a major focus with this style of massage & is sure to open the joints, increase flexibility, release tense muscles & increase relaxation. Please wear light, lose fit clothing.


On-site Chair Massage:

Take a little time & reap the benefits of focused massage to major problem areas like lower, upper, mid back & neck areas affected by computer work, sitting for long periods & high levels of stress. Feel energized, focused & increase your productivity & decrease stress & tension levels.


Cranial Sacral Therapy:

Light touch helping to balance the flow of cerebral spinal fluid & focuses on the sacrum, spine, neck, head & facial bones. Exceptional for clients that have had major trauma, serious falls, postural abnormalities & those yearning for a deep level of relaxation.


Energy & Chakra Therapy:

Need an energetic tune up? When we are in a state of ill health either mentally or physically our energy or aura can be depleted, stagnant or dense to nonexistent. Energy therapy focuses on creating or restoring balance in these energy centers of the body & to increase the energy & light around the physical body.


Mobile Massage Rates

1 hr. $165

1.5 hrs $240

* Sweet Mana Massage (Includes 9 oz. candle)

1 hr. $175

1.5 hrs $250

  • Serving the Vail Valley, Beaver Creek & Bachelor's Gulch Colorado (winter Months)

  • Serving Minneapolis & St. Paul Metro area (Spring, Summer, Fall Months)

  • Serving Minocqua and the Northwoods of Wisconsin (Summer Months)

Hire a professional massage therapist to travel with you on your families next adventure.
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