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Host A Sweet Mana Shopping Party

   Need a reason to bring all your friends and family together for a fun filled occasion? You can host a Sweet Mana party in the comfort of your own home and get paid in luxurious products or cash. Hosting a party is a great opportunity to socialize and everyone gets to enjoy a little retail therapy too! Experience local and eco-friendly spa products and feel the benefits instantly on your skin. Find wonderfully unique gifts for those special people and occasions in life, while decreasing stress levels induced by last minute holiday shopping. Most importantly, create a memorable and exciting night you and your guests will never forget!


LOCAL PARTIES:  For parties thrown in my area, I Can attend and bring displays/product needed for the host to throw an amazing party at the desired location. The host gets paid in products of their choice, based on the total amount of sales for all attending guests. At the end of the night, once the totals are calculated the host will receive 15% off the total group sales to put toward free products & merchandise. If the host wants to purchase additional Sweet Mana products, then an extra 25% discount will be applied.


OUT OF REGION PARTIES:  For parties thrown out of my area, the host can pre-order as much merchandise as they need for the gathering, after meeting the Minimum Order requirement of $400. The order will be discounted 30% off retail pricing, allowing the host to make 30% on all purchases made. (Host is responsible for shipping charges for the order.)

Organize your Sweet Mana party today!

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