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January Happenings

It's a busy time for us behind the scenes, focusing on inventory, packaging, product development, website edits & tax prep. Not always the fun parts of running a business, but important nonetheless. Here are a few general updates for our customers.

1) NEW CBD CONTAINERS: You asked and we listened! We have received feedback that the CBD rubs can be difficult to open, especially with those that suffer from hand/arthritic issues. We had thousands of tins to use up, but are thrilled to announce we have new containers with a twist off lid!

Once we sell out of the older version (some blends are already onto the new packaging) the twist tops will be sent instead.

2) PAYPAL/VENMO: Some of you may have noticed that throughout the fall Paypal was a checkout option, but is no longer listed on our website. We were banned from using Paypal/Venmo because we offer CBD products. This is unfortunate, since it is federally legal and has been for several years. But until large companies get on board with these social changes and update their policies, we will not be able to offer these payment options.

Happy Hump Day! :)

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