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Feeling upside down, sideways & twisted...

No one is exempt from feeling off sometimes, even when we are practicing healthy daily practices and mindfulness. Some days the vibe just feels funky, people around us are negative and moody... or the planets seem like they are battling one another, casting a chaotic energy down on us. All of these elements can effect our level of contentment and well-being.

This week, I am feeling a wide range of emotional feelings and some uneasy thoughts, which isn't the norm. During times like these, I think it is super helpful to be clear on what is truly my "baggage" and separating it from what isn't mine to take on. Reflecting on our emotions, energy levels & level of thoughts and beliefs is helpful for finding where we are on the wellness compass. If you catch yourself going down the rabbit hole, you can stop yourself, change the story and choose a better thought in that very moment. (Sometimes easier said than done, but it is a practice, right? ;)

Focus of the things you can control & change... and let the other stuff work itself out on its own, in its own time.

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