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Aloha and Welcome to Sweet Mana!

   Sweet Mana is a company truly inspired by the beauty, philosophy & healing traditions of the Polynesian Islands. On the islands of Hawaii, a distinct yet powerful sense of spirituality intertwines with the shear force & beauty of nature, creating a magical feeling that is often known as the "spirit of aloha." Aloha is used to greet & say farewell to others but... its meaning runs much deeper than that.  Aloha is a way of life, an acknowledgement of the connection of all things. By living & sharing aloha, we can increase our inner power or "Mana." Mana is a Polynesian word used to describe the essence of one's soul, the vital life force that runs through the body or the ingredient that makes miracles happen. By allowing our mana to flow with humble power, we can manifest & attain true happiness, health, inner peace, love, abundance & success.

  Sweet Mana products are also influenced by the art & traditional principles of feng shui. Similar to mana, the Chinese term known as "chi" refers to the vital life force found in the body but it is also found in the environment in which we live. Since our environment is a direct reflection of our inner wellness, it is essential to have a supportive and harmonious environment in which to feel balanced & to flourish. The principles of feng shui are deeply rooted in the creation of Sweet Mana products to help address & attract areas in our life that need further attention & improvement. With the power of intention, encouraging energy shifts or improved chi flow we can enhance the vibe in our home, office or business.

   Sweet Mana products are deliberately created to encourage us all to increase the level of aloha, mana, chi & goodness in our lives. Each & every product is made with the highest eco-friendly ingredients & with respect for our earth & our body. Enjoy our handcrafted products, made with lots of love & aloha...& see how the powerful, yet gentle essence of mana can create beauty & miracles in your life!

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